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    We help you to buy          anything in the world 

We are an international shipping service that allows you to shop anywhere in the world (most countries) with competitive shipping rates. 

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How it works?

1. Complete our request. Please include as much info as possible for the goods/service. This includes Item description, Size, Colour (where applicable), Quantity and a direct website link to the product page or service you wish us to do.

2. We’ll notify you once your package arrives at our site or service delivered. An image of your parcel along with its dimensional weight and physical weight.

2.1 .You will be contacted to confirm your task service in every step. 

3.Our team will contact you within 24 hours during working time to arrange payment and place the order for you. We will create a personal mailbox account for you.

4.When you are ready to dispatch your package, we’ll provide you with a selection of international shipping methods to choose from.


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Global Shopper Service



of total value

of your items.

For In-store purchases that require our team to visit the local retailer to purchase the good. Contact us for more details. 

We will perform any task you wish as long as it’s legal. From making restaurant reservations to finding someone to fix a leak in your basement anywhere you are in the world, included Virtual Assistance. Contact us for more details and price.

Why Us?

  • Tracking facility on every parcel you order.

  • Convenient shopping opportunities.

  • Superior handling of your orders and valued goods.

  • Timely delivery of your package (within 2-10 working days)

  • No hidden charges.

  • Expert customer support

  • We will clear customs with a small fee if require. 

Postal Boxes

Place your order

Thank you for submitting.

Please tell us your goods information as much as possible. We will contact you soon. 

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