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                   Mail/Parcel Forwarding

Quite simply, our address becomes your address. As a customer, you are welcome to use the address for receiving any kind of personal and/or business post. Mail holding and companies house registered office address

Global Shopper Service

Parcel Forwarding allows our customer to shop at online retailers who do not ship to you. Our team will sign for your parcels and forward them onto you worldwide. We work closely with our international courier partners DHL and Fedex to ensure that your parcels arrive safely

Concierge Service

We will perform any task you wish as long as it’s legal. From making restaurant reservations to finding someone to fix a leak in your basement anywhere you are in the world. Contact us for more details and price.

Photo Service

Our photo service is unrivalled and no other mail or parcel forwarding service offers this feature as far as we are aware. We feel it is unique to us but also very important to our customers. You can view images of your packages in full size via your email when a package arrives for you.

When items arrive, they are photographed in the packaging they arrive in. You can also request additional photos of the contents of your packages.

Scan And Email

We can scan and email any documentation that arrives with your parcel whether it be an invoice or returns form that you need urgently. This service is available to all member. We can open and scan the contents, forward the item anywhere in the world, shred it, or you can hold the envelope to initiate an action at a later time. Your confidentiality and privacy are our priorities.


If you receive more than one package at our facility, our team can combine all your items into one box/shipment to save on shipping costs. Consolidations for our Standard plan are charged at a fixed price of $5 for unlimited parcels. Consolidations for our Gold members is $2.50 .

Further savings can be made by opting for our repack service at the consolidation checkout area. If a repack is requested, our team will remove the goods from their existing packaging and repack them into smaller packaging to reduce excess space and minimise shipping costs further.

Our repack service can also be requested for single parcels.


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